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IR Sauna

Improved skin tone & complexion

Enhanced muscle recovery

Detoxification (biotransformation)

Infrared saunas are great for individuals who may not tolerate the high heat of a traditional sauna. We use a full spectrum infrared cedar saunas that have far, mid, and near-infrared waves. Think of it as a light therapy that heats your body from the inside out while traditional saunas heat the ambient air and require higher and longer sessions to produce a detoxification effect that remains more superficial. It’s important to come hydrated and stay hydrated throughout your session. We have showers available for use afterwards.

Benefits Include:

enhanced circulation

reduced pain & inflammation

Tissue Health + Athletic Recovery + Detoxification + Weight Loss

cold therapy

lymphatic detoxification support

boosts your immune system

increased energy + focus

Cold therapy has been used for hundreds of years within many different cultures. Cold water immersion activates the body’s natural healing powers that can relieve the symptoms of many medical conditions and promote a sense of health and well-being. When practiced on a regular basis, cold water immersion can even provide positive long-lasting changes to your body’s immune, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems.  that enhance the overall quality of your life.

Benefits Include:

reduced pain & inflammation

weight loss benefits

Immune Health + Athletic Recovery +
Mental Benefits + Weight Loss


Wound & scar healing

anti-aging + skin health

reduced pain + inflammation

Photo-biomodulation (PBM), also known as light therapy, has a variety of benefits and should be an essential part of a wellness routine. One crucial benefit of PBM is its ability to stimulate your body’s own production of ATP which is a key element in cellular regeneration. The red + near infrared spectral output lights we use deliver more power with deeper penetration than any other light is capable of. Best results are with consistent use but can be noticed with just a few visits. 

Benefits Include:

improved cellular respiration 

improved circadian rhythm 

Anti Aging + Tissue Health +
Athletic Recovery + Mental Wellness


Reduced swelling + inflammation

Speeds up muscle recovery

increased flexibility  

Compression therapy is an effective method by which controlled pressure is applied to the extremities in order to increase blood flow and the efficiency of the lymphatic and venous systems. Compression therapy works by adding pressure to contracting areas of restricted flow, allowing the veins in the limbs to decrease venous pressure & move blood towards the heart. It also effectively facilitates the removal of waste, swelling, and inflammation from the body.

Benefits Include:

improved athletic performance 

waste & lactic acid removal

Improved Circulation + Recovery + Decreased Inflammation + Enhanced Performance

PEMF Therapy

reduces chronic inflammation

blood & tissue oxygenation

stress + toxic load reduction

PEMF therapy directly stimulates electrical activity within the muscle tissues it interacts with. Think of it as "charging" your cells and reducing the overall toxic load or burden that your body takes on from life's stressors, whether it be internal illness, poor food & lifestyle choices or environmental stress. When your cells are charged, they can provide the highest level of functionality to you, supporting your optimal performance and expedited recovery.

Benefits Include:

accelerated tissue repair

boosts energy

Decreased Inflammation + Cellular Rejuvenation + Improved Energy + Pain Relief

Health Practitioner + Custom Protocol

Overall longevity

increases metabolism by 30%

enhances performance & recovery

Let's Test It!  Work with our health practitioner a create a custom plan:

Wellness Panel: Overview of full body health and potential deficiencies
Dutch Test: The most comprehensive hormone panel to determine imbalances 
Bioenergetic Scan: Insights on biggest stressors & sensitivities burdening the body 

Benefits Include:

reduction of age related diseases

boosts energy & immune function

Intake Review + Review of labs + Customized Nutrition Plan + Lifestyle Plan + Supplement Plan 


injury & pain reduction

enhances physical fitness

reduces muscle tension

Assisted Stretching is a bodywork modality that allows a trained practitioner to apply range-of-motion movements to the body on a massage table, with the spine in a safe and supported position. Stretch utilizes assisted stretching as a way to bypass the compensation patterns because clients are not having to create stability while lying on the table. During stretch a vibration massage tool, Hypervolt, is used prior to stretching for an optimal stretch session.

Benefits Include:

physical & mental relaxation

improved flexibility

Improved Flexibility + Pain Relief + Enhanced Fitness + Body Awareness

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