Fitness Membership

A community striving toward better health and fitness with an individualized approach.  We focus on lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness while meeting the client where they are at on their journey.  

You are ready to make change...

This is for you if...

You can commit to the process... We just ask for 1 percent better every day...

You are ready to see results...

Can show up and put in the work... 

Live a 



Live a 



Live a 



Live a 




Start Training

Regardless of the plan we go with, you will have the tools and accountability to get you started working on your goals. 


set up your roadmap

We will go over goals, training experience, and your overall readiness.  From here we will create a custom game plan to help you succeed. 


Free Consultation

Schedule a free consultation by phone or in person. We will go over our programs and make sure we are a good fit. 

How the program works:

Together, we'll design a road map just for you to help you live your most abundant life.

Feeling the love

 Best gym experience I have had. Great leadership, great coaches, great programming. Best of all- I very much believe they care about me and my journey and want to help me with my goals- whatever they are. The 24 hour access is awesome! Clean facility and the shower is perfect! All around an amazing place and I would encourage anyone to come in and try it out! You will love it!



- Elizabeth L



Feeling the love

I have nothing but great things to say about this place!! There are many gyms much closer to me, but I prefer to drive all the way here because of the atmosphere and structured group classes. The coaches are fabulous and they make sure you are reaching your goals and are satisfied with your progress...and if you aren't they work along side you to make the changes necessary to make sure that you are. I highly recommend this gym:)

- Emilee D



Feeling the love

Out of all the gyms I’ve been to, this one is the best! They have such a great environment and the people are so friendly. The work staff is also very helpful if needed. The entire place is also very clean including the bathrooms.

-Kiran A

Ignite - Group

Unlimited Small Group Sessions - strength + conditioning & Yoga

Accountability coaching

Surround yourself with an amazing community of like minded individuals as you move toward your health and fitness goals.

What's Included:

Custom Nutrition Plan

Trainer / Coach Each Session

24/7 Gym Access + body composition Scans

Ignite - Pro

Unlimited Small Group Sessions

Coummunication & accountability outside of gym

Personal Training 

What's Included:

Individualzed Fitness & Nutrition Plan 

Trainer / Coach Each Session

24/7 GYM ACCESS+ body composition Scans

Monthly life style and Nutrition Consult

Group Class Schedule

Monday: 5:15Am, 12:15pm, 4:30pm, 5:30PM 6:30pM
Tuesday: 6:15AM, 12:15PM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM 6:30PM
Wednesday:5:15AM, 12:15PM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM 6:30PM
Thursday: 6:15AM, 12:15PM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM 6:30PM
Friday: 5:15am, 12:15PM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM
Sat: 9:30am
Yoga session times Vary

** Classes are Between 50 Min.- 1 Hour
** We currently offer strength & conditioning classes & Yoga.

Interested in personal training or remote coaching?

At Home Workouts

Need Nutrition Support?

Unlike other gyms, we take it a few steps further and make sure you are set up to truly understand what you need to be doing to fuel your body properly.

And if that isn't enough...we have an in-house nutritional practitioner that can meet with you to order lab work and look more in depth at your blood/urine markers, hormone levels, signs/symptoms, and even your genes in order to give you the most customized and comprehensive dietary, lifestyle, and supplement protocol. 

The transformation

You'll go from...

Unhappy with your health to
proud of everyday progress

Unsure of what workouts to do to
a regular, sustainable workout routine

Binge eating and unhealthy habits to
meal prepping and goal setting